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The Environmental Impact of Steel

Posted on February 14, 2017 by admin

As you may have guessed, steel is not an environmentally friendly product. It uses a large amount of energy in its production, and there is a lot of waste gas produced which further impacts on the environment. We often get asked just how we consider the environment however, so in this blog we want to run you through just what we do to help reduce waste and keep the environmental impact of steel to a minimum.

Steel is recyclable

Steel as a product is 100% recyclable, which means that once made, it can be recycled indefinitely to create a new product. As a company all our offcuts and scraps are recycled, even the shavings from our drills and cutters. Nothing is wasted. Recycled steel is a part of all or product, so whilst steel production is energy intensive, we ensure that this is minimised wherever possible.

Steel has a long lifespan

Once in place, steel lasts a very long time. Where other building materials can need replacing over time, steel will outlast them all. The energy input at the start may be high, but the longevity means that this energy never has to be spent again.

Efficiency is key

It makes both environmental and economic sense to look at how to optimise the delivery of our steel to consumers, so we take efficiency very seriously. What exactly does that mean? We will take the time to plan our deliveries in advance to ensure the minimum total distance travelled, and use the appropriate vehicle. It doesn’t make sense to load a small steel onto our largest vehicle for a single delivery, so we will use one of the smaller vehicles in our fleet. By having our own on board cranes, we also reduce the need for other visits to the property by a crane operator to lift the steels into place.

We have invested heavily in our fleet and our new transport vehicles are more efficient than older vehicles and therefore have a lower carbon footprint. So remember when you order steel from us that we do our very best to ensure the environmental impact of our product is managed as best as is possible.

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