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Delivering your Steel – A logistical Challenge we Thrive on!

On 14 October 2016 by admin

Delivering your Steel – A logistical Challenge we Thrive on!

Steel is bulky, it’s heavy and it’s not easy to get from A to B. Logistically, it is not an easy product to work with. At Surrey Steels, we have to make sure that your steel gets to you in good time, and in good condition – Let’s take a look at how we move your steel from A to B!

How quickly can you deliver?

Once your steel is ready to deliver, we will usually get the delivery to you the next day. If you have a deadline to meet or a specific delivery requirement, please let our sales team know and we can do our best to accommodate your needs. We work tirelessly to ensure your steel reaches you when you need it, and that your job is not delayed in any way waiting for your steel.

Our Fleet of Specially Designed Vehicles

To move the heavier loads to sites without a forklift or a crane, you need to bring your own means of getting the steel off the lorry and onto the site. Enter our specially designed fleet which have cranes fitted on board to help deliver your steel directly into position. Where practical, our crane can lift the steel right onto a loft conversion or extension project, with a workable height of 90 feet. That means that even in the most difficult delivery scenarios, we can make life very simple.

Our Experienced Drivers will get down almost any street!

Unfortunately there are plenty of streets in the UK that are narrow, filled with parked cars, and difficult to navigate. Our experienced drivers will do their very best to make sure we get right up to your site and deliver that steel! We have a habit of making the hard jobs easy. You can see our driver Daren lifting our steel right into a loft conversion project below.
This property in Kingston was on a very narrow street, yet Darren managed to get our 32 tonne lorry into position and perfectly placed to operate the crane and deliver the steel. This whole procedure took about 10 minutes, from parking the lorry, extending the supports to stabilise the crane, placing the steel into a sling and lifting the steel up onto the roof. Darren makes it look very easy, but we assure you it really isn’t. He has worked with Surrey Steels for over six years and does this sort of thing every day!

Do you want to pickup your steel?

Whilst we realise that large beams like the one at the project in Kingston are going to require delivery by our team. Smaller loads can be picked up from our depot as soon as the steel is ready. We welcome our customers to our depot and it gives us the opportunity to meet face to face and get to know you a little better!


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