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Steels for Loft Conversions

On 17 November 2016 by admin

It has been shown that loft conversions are one of the most common home building projects to go wrong. So don’t let the project fall down at the first hurdle; get yourself a quality steel fabricator to support the new loft.

Common Steel Components for a Loft Conversion

A typical loft conversion will require 2 steel RSJ’s to support the floor and a third to support the roof ridge. These are usually straight-forward cut beams, so you simply need to let us know the dimensions of the beams that you need. On some loft jobs it is desirable to have your beams come in 2 sections, allowing for easier manoeuvrability into position, in which case the two pieces will require bolting together. This does add some extra labour and the beams themselves will work out a little more expensive than a single piece in many cases, so you will need to look at what is the better option for you. That is likely to depend on access to the property from the street, and access to the roof in question. Working out the dimensions you need is going to require the help of a structural engineer, and it is always helpful if you can provide drawings from the engineer of the pieces that you require, as this ensures the correct steels are cut and get to site. But if you are in any doubt, remember that we are always happy to discuss your requirements over the phone or by email to ensure that you get the right end product. For a loft conversion the lengths are going to very critical, as a beam that is a little too short is going to be of very little use!

Craning the Steel In

If you are getting steel delivered for your loft conversion job, it makes a big difference if the steel can be lifted directly into position. Steel is heavy! Perhaps even heavier than you’d think, so getting a steel beam from the ground up to the 3rd floor is not straightforward unless you have a crane to help. Fortunately for our customers, Surrey Steels trucks are fitted with state of the art on board cranes which can help manoeuvre your steel directly into position on the roof.

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