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Why CE Marking is Important for your Steel

On 17 November 2016 by admin

What is a CE Marking?
CE marking is a European standard for products manufactured and used within the EU. Over the last few years, CE marking has been implemented on a wide range of products, and Steel is no exception. The standard came into force for construction products in July2013, and Steel fell under the standard in 2014. The idea is to create a better quality of product across the whole industry, to ensure that wherever you go for your steel, you are getting a quality product.
What does the standard actually require of the product?
The harmonised standard for fabricated steel has two main requirements of the manufacturer: to demonstrate that the components produced meet the declared performance characteristics (the structural characteristics which make them fit for their use and function), plus that the technical requirements, which constitute mechanical resistance and stability, serviceability and durability, are also adhered to during manufacture. All these considerations are taken into account when manufacturing our steel. We use superior British Steel only which exceeds the required standards for performance, not just meet them. What Standard Applies to your type of Steel?
BS EN 10025-1 is the relevant standard applying to open sections and plates. There are further standards for hot finished and cold form welded hollow sections of steel, and for bolting assemblies. Fabricated structural Steel must meet the standard BS EN 1090-1. You can find out more detail by visiting the British Standards website. There are some really simple steps to ensure your steel is fit for purpose. Your manufacturer must meet the execution requirements class for your project, the steel contractor is covered for welding as detailed on the welding certificate and that this certificate is in date. At surrey steels we are happy to work with you to ensure the steel you are using for your project is right for your job, so please speak to us if you have any questions at all.
What are the penalties for not using CE marked Steel?
It is a legal requirement that all construction work must be carried out with CE marked steel in the EU. If non-CE marked steel is used, the responsibility lies with the client and not the manufacturer. In the UK, Trading Standards enforce the laws on CE markings, and non-compliance can lead to suspension and prohibition notices, notices to warn, application for forfeiture and in some cases, fines and / or imprisonment. So it is really important that clients or contractors engaging a steel manufacturer does their due diligence and ensures their steel contractor is compliant and CE marks their products. Of course, if you use Surrey Steels as your manufacturer, you can be safe in the knowledge that all your steel is CE marked and meets the various regulations.

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