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Ensuring Quality – What makes a quality fabrication?

On 4 January 2017 by admin

At Surrey Steels we take lots of steps to ensure the steel that reaches you is a quality product time after time.

Steel Standards

Most of the steel we use is of S355 standard – this is higher than the minimum standard set out by UK regulations, which only requires S275 grade steel. That means that the steel we send out to you is over and above the minimum required standard.

Saw cut vs. flame cut

All our steel is saw cut which puts the minimum stress on the beams. Flame cutting is not ideal because it puts a lot of heat through the steel, putting it under more stress than is necessary.

Welding standards

At Surrey Steels, all of our welders are certified to the companies welding procedure standards, which ensures that the workmanship is of a good standard and can be relied upon to perform. Occasionally a job will require a weld that is beyond the scope of our team’s welding procedure, and in this case our weld procedure co-ordinator will take appropriate steps to ensure that a procedure is written and applied to the job. We want to ensure that our welding is of the very highest quality, and we take the performance of our welds very seriously.

CE Marking

CE marking is a European standard that is applied to many products across the EU. Steel has been included into this framework not that long ago, but it is now a requirement that all steel fabricated in the EU must be CE marked, and Surrey Steels is no exception. All our steel is CE marked, but this is in a paper trail form only and the steel itself is not ‘marked’ in the same way some products would be.

Trust is essential

Whilst there are many safeguards and standards in place to ensure that the steel reaching you is of the highest standard, there is also an element of trust. As a company you will need to trust that we are working hard at every step of the process to ensure a quality end product. In this industry, reputation and customer feedback means everything, so that is why we take our customers experiences to heart, and ensure that our focus is always on you.

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