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Surrey Steels – Why we don’t do online sales.

On 31 January 2017 by admin

Steel requires precision and expertise to place the right order

Some products are really simple for a customer to place an order – just a few clicks of a button will get your order placed and delivered to your door the next day. Steel is just about the exact opposite of this! Not only are the measurements required really precise and accurate, but there are plenty of different variations in the type and quality of steel that you don’t really want to get wrong. We recommend getting one of our team to at least guide you through this process over the phone, or better yet, in person with a full survey by one of our expert team.

Lay the responsibility for your order on us!

Whilst it might be quick and easy to place an online order, with this sort of product it is far better to place the responsibility for the order in the hands of one of our experts. If we visit your site and measure up in person, we are happy to accept any responsibility should there be any mistakes in our measurements.

The personable Approach

Our customers find it reassuring to have an expert on site to talk them through their project’s steel requirements. Unlike many other companies, we don’t usually charge a visit fee for one of our team to come out and run through the project on site with you. We will double check your engineer’s drawings with you on site, make any measurements you might need, and discuss your installation requirements all for free*! We feel this is a real selling point of Surrey Steels as most other Steel companies will only carry out paid visits. So, we really believe that online sales aren’t for everyone. If you are a potential new customer, we encourage you to take a good look around our site, which has lots of great information about our company, and then give us a call to discuss your requirements. We have many years of experience in this business and we really recommend the Surrey Steels ‘personable approach’ – that means an important online presence with lots of valuable information without online sales.

*Please note that site surveys are at the discretion of Surrey Steels and we may have to charge a visit fee on some jobs.

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