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Types of Steel Construction Projects

On 22 May 2018 by Anna Hindley

portal frame

Steel can be used in many ways to create a range of different constructions. Whether it’s rebar steel, structural steel or steel cladding – we have all of the solutions for your project!
In today’s blog, we’re going to talk a little bit about steel portal frame buildings, what they look like and when they are used.

Steel Portal Frame Buildings

50% of steel construction in the UK consists of portal frame construction. Portal frames are generally used for low rise buildings and consist of columns and horizontal pitched rafters, joined together with strong, rigid connections. This type of construction is known for being highly structurally stable and is particularly useful for wide-span buildings.

As with any construction project, building with steel requires careful planning and calculations to ensure that the structure is suitable. To do this, a building design engineer will plan the building using statistical calculations.In steel portal frames, the connections between the steel columns and steel beams will be structurally engineered to resist bending in the beams, and to enforce stability within the building frame.

Portal frames can be clad in a variety of materials, but most commonly it is clad in lightweight metal which is generally attached to the portal frame using steel beams. This is a popular choice of cladding because it is highly impact resistant.

Steel portal frames are often used for industrial buildings because of their high strength and impact resistance. Steel portal frame constructions are ideal for large train stations, for example, where it’s necessary for the building to be able to withstand the continuous passing of trains.

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