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Steel Fabrication – What is the Production Process?

On 26 June 2018 by Anna Hindley

Steel fabrication

Here at Surrey Steels, we are the specialists when it comes to steel fabrication. We can take a steel fabrication project right from start to finish; from design to implementation. Our steel is always the most high quality on the market, but many people are unaware of what the production process actually looks like. That’s why in today’s blog, we’ll be giving you an overview of our steel fabrication process!

Steel Fabrication in Modern Times

Modern steel fabrication has evolved significantly over the years, but many of the traditional methods of steel fabrication remain. Today, the steel production process is divided into two categories: recycled steel and steel fabrication using raw materials. All steel production is carried out by basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS) and electric arc furnace (EAF).

Steel fabrication using raw materials is carried out in several steps. First, the raw materials (iron ore, coke and lime) are melted in a high temperature furnace to make molten iron. This is the first process in most steel fabrication procedures. After this, either the BOS or EAF processes are carried out on the molten iron. BOS entails blowing oxygen into to the molten iron ore which reduces the carbon content of the iron, changing it to low-carbon steel.

On the other hand, the EAF methods use high power electric arcs, which require an enormous amount of electricity, to melt iron ore and steel scrap within a furnace, and then other metals are added to the furnace to achieve the required composition to create steel.

Surrey Steels – High Quality Steel Supplies in London

At Surrey Steels, we work closely with our steel manufacturers to provide steel that meets the requirements of our clients, while maintaining its reputation for being high quality and long lasting.

Should you have any specialist requirements for the design and implementation of your steel construction project, Surrey Steels are able to assist!

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