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How is Steel used for Loft Conversions?

On 12 July 2018 by Anna Hindley

Loft conversions are a great way to make more space. Especially in the London area, where property prices are at a premium, creating as much living space as possible is a fantastic way of increasing the value of your property and enhancing the appeal and functionality of your home.

Take a look into the average household loft these days and all you’ll find is Christmas decorations, old furniture, photo albums and general junk. It’s therefore understandable that lots of people want to make the most out of this often wasted space, whether you’re looking at creating a new bedroom, a study or a kids playroom, loft conversions are a great option but are very easy to go wrong.

With Surrey Steels, we can ensure that your loft conversion is a smooth and simple process. So how does one convert their loft with Surrey Steels?

Loft Conversions and Steel Beams

Surrey Steels are the specialists when it comes to providing steel for loft conversions. If your house was built post 19

60s, then it is likely that the style of your roof will require steel reinforcement in order to make your loft conversion structurally sound, and to ensure that the truss is load bearing. To do this, steel beams are Inserted between load bearing walls to support the rafter section and for new floor joists to hang on, together with a steel beam at the ridge.

This is a specialist process, requiring exact measurements and technical equipment for installation. At Surrey Steels, we can provide all of these things – working with you to design and build your loft conversion project from start to finish. For loft conversions, it’s essential to get the measurements for the steel beams right, so we work closely with our customers to ensure that we deliver a steel solution that is suitable for each loft conversion project.


Our team are all experts when it comes to steel, and so our diligence and experience means that we always offer a high standard of service. We also have cranes available to deliver your steel and lift it into position on the roof, saving you even more time and money.  

Get a Quotation for Loft Conversion Steel Beams

Give our steel specialists a call for a chat about your project and what you are looking to achieve. We can advise you to help you achieve the best design; your time is saved because we are the steel experts.

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